Edible Salt

Salt for Fricassee

Item No.: 5
Naturally Crystallized Protogenetic Large Granular Non-iodized Salt.
It was recorded in Xiliang Notes that indigo salt is originated from indigo salt pond with square shape and half-an-inch wide, it is stone-shaped and delicate. And it tastes salty and delicate for fricassee. Caka Salt enjoys a profound reputation in Northwest China and is much popular among the people. The crude salt contains various micro-elements. This kind of salt is developed from the protogenetic large granular salt 6 meters below Caka Salt Lake and is physically processed without any additives. It is especially suitable for stewing and removing the fishy smell from the meat, so that the soup tastes salty and delicate.
 Salt for Fricassee physicochemical indexes
Product Salt for Fricassee
Sodium chloride(%) 99.36
water insoluble(%) 0.05
moisture(%) 0.3
Soluble impurity% 0.09
Particle size(%) 99.7
whiteness(degrees) 74