Edible Salt

Snow Crystal Halitum

Item No.: 2
Naturally Crystallized Protogenetic Fine Granular Halitum (Iodized).
This product is produced through intensive physical procedures with its raw material being the protogenetic large granular salt naturally crystallized in Caka Salt Lake, which lies in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one of the four largest pollution-free zones of the world. It is featured with fine granule, quick tasty, salty and delicate taste and suitable for cold dish and frying.
Snow Crystal Halitum physicochemical indexes
Product Snow Crystal Halitum
Sodium chloride(%) 98.92
Iodine content(mg/kg) 26.1
water insoluble(%) 0.013
moisture(%) 0.52
Particle size(%) 89
whiteness(degrees) 81.3