Edible Salt

Tibetan Indigo Salt

Item No.: 4
Naturally Crystallized Sun-baked Salt without Iodine
It is originated from Caka Salt Lake, which is praised as the Pollution-free Edible Salt Treasure in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This kind of salt is named after its origin (Mongolian and Tibetan region) and color (white with indigo). It is physically processed and finely screened, and sun baked by natural high intensity UV sunshine at about 3,100 meters altitudes without any additives. It is featured with even granule and white crystals, salty and delicate taste. It was authenticated as Class A pollution-free products by China Green Food Development Center (CGFDC) and has accessed to the protection of national geographical indication. It is edible by the people who are inadvisable to eat iodized salt.
 Tibetan Indigo Salt physicochemical indexes
Product Tibetan Indigo Salt
Sodium chloride(%) 98.4
water insoluble(%) 0.1
moisture(%) 0.99
whiteness(degrees) 79.2